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April 2023

We are all welcoming spring weather, aren’t we?  My daffodils are blooming, and many other planted bulbs are about ready to burst forth with colorful flowers and the beautiful fragrance of the season!


April 1st is also International Tatting Day.  I remember when I was first introduced to the art of making tatted lace (1979) when we were living in Taiwan.  Our daughter was 2 and I was pregnant with our son.  While having lunch with a friend, she introduced me to a visiting friend of hers who showed me some of the beautiful tatted-lace pieces she had made.  Days later, the friend began teaching me how to tat, but, despite my concentrated effort, I was not able to ‘get the hang’ of it.  When we moved back to the U.S. two years later, I was disappointed that I could not find anyone who was able to try again to teach me how to make tatted lace.  I tried to learn from a book, but that effort was hopeless. 


Then, when I was volunteering at the local geriatric center, and after making numerous inquiries among the residents, I found a sweet (and very patient) lady of Armenian ancestry who knew the art and was willing to sit with me as I tried again to learn to tat.  After several sessions with her, and the creation of numerous ‘rat’s nests’ of thread, I finally learned to make basic pieces of tatted lace like the ones I now incorporate into my hand-drawn notecard and coaster designs. 


I’m so grateful to the many people along the way who have helped and encouraged me in developing the skills and techniques that allow me to create and produce my art/craft items.  In addition to tatting, these include freehand drawing, stenciling and the use of a variety of software programs that assist in the creation and printing of my designs, Thanks to all!


Enough history!!  The 20% off sale referred to in the above headline begins on March 31 and lasts until midnight on April 3.  It includes all the items shown on my website ( but is only for orders placed online!


NEW DESIGNS!!:  When you visit my website, please look at my latest designs including: 

·       The Ponies of Assateague Island (MD)

·       Blue Heron

·       Lighthouses – Nantucket (MA) and Ocracoke (NC)


Finally, I’d like to remind you of the craft shows I plan to participate in this year:

·       Bethany Beach (DE) Craft Show - June 3

·       Bethany Beach (DE) Boardwalk Art Show– September 9

·       Christmas in the Woods in Columbiana, OH – October 14-15 and October 21-22

·       Northern Virginia Christmas Market in Chantilly, VA – November 10, 11 and 12

·       Bizarre Bazaar in Richmond, VA – November 29 – December 3


Thanks once again to all of you who loyally support my business.  I hope to be able to see you again at one of the listed craft shows but also enjoy receiving your comments and suggestions throughout the year!  Have a great Spring and Summer!



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