November 13, 2020


How are you handling the fact that winter is soon upon us?  There are of course joys of the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration, but we also take heart in the assurance that as winter sets in, spring is right around the corner.


I have been thinking that we have so much to be thankful for.    My grandparents either walked or skied to school in Norway.  My Grandmother was born in a small 2 bedroom house on a farm with no indoor plumbing. She was the oldest of 5 children.  The only source of heat was a large fireplace that was also used for cooking.  They figured out how to survive in the bitter Nordic cold.  So I surely can figure how to be warm and go out for a walk when its 30 degrees out. We can also meet people outside even if its dressed in masks and several extra layers of wool sox on.  For example, I really enjoyed an outdoor fall tea party with my granddaughters.  It was fun and something they will remember! 


CATS, KITTENS, DOGS AND TREES! I will be featuring NEW note card designs this month!  Please see my Instagram or my website for all the new designs. These photos above show new designs without my signature piece of tatted lace but rest assured I will provide tatting on all note cards to complete the design!


Some of the favorite designs are my dog pulling lights off the Christmas tree.   Also since cats love to play, I have a Christmas tree with a cat hiding in the tree.  If you do not see your dog design let me know, I may have it already drawn and not have it on the web site yet.


If you have trouble ordering on line please try to find someone to help you.  Or let me know and we can walk you through it. 


If you place an online order for $30 or more from  November 13 -November 20  You will get FREE Shipping on any products on my web site. Please use coupon code FREEShipping


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Take Care and God Bless you and yours,  


Chris Rush Designs