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I’m Chris Rush and welcome to my website.  I’ve been designing and producing unique note cards featuring hand-drawn original designs embellished with pieces of tatted lace which I also make by hand. 
(See ‘What is Tatting’ below)


Chris Rush Designer Notes (previously known as Chris Rush Tatted Lace) has been in business since 1984.  During that time, I have created more than 600 original card designs ranging from angels and birds to dogs and cats to holiday and scripture.  Each card features tatted lace as an integral part of the design, representing a flower, a star, the sun, a butterfly, a musical note, or some other key element of the overall artwork.  You are invited to view and purchase from the full range of note cards by clicking on the ‘Shop’ tab above. 

My cards are also available from a growing number of retailers across the country.  These outlets include gift shops, book and stationery stores, museum shops, florists, garden shops and general merchandise retailers.  You can find a list of these locations, as well as a schedule of the upcoming craft shows in which I will be participating under the ‘Stores/Shows’ tab above.


What is Tatting?

Tatting is the age-old art of making delicate lace by hand, looping and knotting a single cotton thread using a small shuttle.  Because of its simplicity, tatting is also known as ‘the poor man’s lace.’  Throughout history tatted lace has added elegance to handkerchiefs, wedding dresses, lingerie, collars and yokes on blouses, alter cloths and other fine linens.  By including tatted lace on each of my note cards, I hope to contribute in a small way to making sure that tatting will no longer be classified as ‘a lost art.’

Want to know more about how I make my note cards?

Check out the linked video that was made as a local news feature in Maryland!


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